Fine Pink Himalayan Salt


Himalayan Pink salt is a natural, unrefined pink salt that is used as a healthy salt for seasoning, salt baths and other purposes. It has a unique flavour that makes it perfect for seasoning and contains many essential minerals as well. Mined in the Himalayan Mountains of Pakistan, this Himalayan pink salt is perfect for salt paths and other therapeutic treatments.

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Key Benefits of Himalayan Salt

  • High mineral content: This makes it perfect to use in cooking: It contains vital minerals such as Iron, Potassium, and Magnesium which many other salts do not have. This makes it perfect if you are on a diet or are looking for a healthier alternative.
  • Great taste: The Himalayan Pink Salt has a unique taste that makes it perfect for seasoning in many dishes.
  • Unrefined: Mined directly from the natural mountainous region, this salt is unrefined, which is what gives it its pink colour. With no additives, it is one of the healthier options available.
  • Healing salt: The high mineral content makes it perfect for therapeutic purpose and it is used in salt baths as a healing salt. It can relax the muscles and help fight fatigue.

Firmed over 250 million years ago, the Pink Himalayan salt is mined directly from the Himalayan Mountain. It is unrefined and contains many essential minerals, which is what gives it its pink colour. Hand-harvested and free from all additives, the pink salt is used in the famous Himalayan Salt bath, which is used as a therapeutic treatment. This fine Himalayan pink salt is hand-mined and contains no additives.

How to use Himalayan Pink salt

Due to the high mineral content and unrefined nature, the Himalayan Pink Salt is used in a variety of applications such as:

  • Food seasoning: Add a pinch of pink salt to season salad, meat, and other dishes. It is the perfect natural seasoning for vegetarians as well. Use as needed for cooking.
  • Salt baths: Dissolve it in lukewarm water to create a Himalayan salt bath that can reduce fatigue and relax the muscles.
  • Sole: Add a few pinches of Himalayan pink salt to distilled drinking water to create a healthy mineral drink called sole.


More Info:

Ingredients: 100% Food Grade Himalayan Salt.
Storage: Cool, dry and away from direct light.
Country of Origin: Pakistan.

Additional information

Weight500 g


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