Steens UMF 20+ Raw Manuka Honey – 340G


Monofloral manuka honey:

This unpasteurised monofloral honey is minimally processed to ensure it’s delivered to you is just as nature intended: raw and untouched. Explore raw honey that’s traceable from hive to table!

  • Raw and untouched
  • Manuka honey
  • New Zealand honey

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UMF 20+ (MGO 829+):

Unique Manuka Factor grading tests for markers of authenticity in Manuka including NPA and Leptosperin. This raw manuka honey is independently tested and certified UMF 20+ manuka honey. Additionally, NZ Government Export standards grade this honey as Monofloral Manuka honey.

Every jar is authentic and has been sourced by the beekeepers and packed in non-BPA jars at Steens’ facility in NZ.

The benefits of raw manuka honey:

Bee bread is a naturally occurring mix of bee pollen in our monofloral manuka honey. The unique filtering keeps this nutritious product in the UMF 20+ manuka honey. Bee bread has high amounts of B-group vitamins, flavonoids, plant phenols, amino acids, and minerals like iron, cobalt, phosphorus, calcium, selenium and potassium. Because bee bread is at least 3 times more bioavailable than regular flower or bee pollen, your body can absorb these nutrients much more efficiently.

Raw honey uses:

Take a spoonful in the morning to kickstart your day, use for baking, blend into porridge, make a homemade face wash, and more!


More info:

Ingredients: Manuka honey.

Contents: 340g.
Brand: Steens.
Storage: 200 C (680F), warm to soften, refrigerate to firm.

Additional information

Weight340 g


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